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Issues » 2012/4 - Social Work and Intergenerational Solidarity »

Jana Havlíková

Intergenerational Exchange among Czech Late Families and Its Cross-country Comparison


The aim of this paper is: firstly, to describe the form of intergenerational solidarity prevailing among the Czech late families; secondly, to compare the identified form of intergenerational exchange with selected European countries; thirdly, to discuss the challenges which are created by the identified form of intergenerational solidarity with respect to the social work services. Using the intergenerational solidarity concept and family models typology, we analyze data from the European survey SHARE, which are representative for the national populations 50+. Our findings suggest that the Czech late families approach mainly the family models of descending as well as ascending familialism; additionally, they have many features common with Spain late families.


intergenerational solidarity, exchange, population 50+, SHARE, cross-country comparison

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