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Issues » 2011/5 - Special English Issue 2011 »

Kateřina Kubalčíková, Jana Havlíková

Towards Staying at Home. Could Domiciliary Services be a Possible Way?


Population aging as well as the change in the approach towards the clients of personal social services impact on stated social services policy in many European countries. Likewise to support elderly people in their natural social environment is the strong point of the official policy of social services in the Czech Republic and the role of field-based assistance increases as opposed residential care. In the context of these national priorities of elderly care policy, the purpose of this study is to report on the position of the domiciliary care services as the typical means of field-based social services providing. European and national priorities regarding the policy of elderly care are presented in the first part of the text. After that using case study results of selected domiciliary care service agency extended by quantitative data (SHARE) we investigate both the current aim of the domiciliary care services and its importance to the service users themselves. Above all we focus on the possibilities and risks of the domiciliary care services providing and the potential of this kind of service to ensure suitable care of elderly in their place. We discuss this issue from the viewpoint of the different actors: service users, service workers and service managers as well.


Elderly, social services policy, domiciliary care services, nature social environment, case study

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